Writing with Style

This jumps back to the earlier post about JK Rowling being recently outed by her style, but there is a site that will analyze a few paragraphs of work and tell what famous author’s writing style the writing resembles.
I Write Like
Of course I have no idea what sort of algorithm is behind the decision, how many authors are covered, etc. so it’s not to be taken too seriously, but it can be fun, especially if given a few years worth of work. According to what I’ve done so far:
1st Novel – Dan Brown
2nd Novel – James Joyce
3rd Novel – P.G. Wodehouse
Quite an odd progression in style (and a bit hard to swallow, but interesting nonetheless). Style is like a fingerprint, it’s so unique that, even if similarities exist, no two people write alike. And, more enlightening, as writing reflects growth, no person writes like they did yesterday, which makes it so much better than a fingeprint.

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